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September 01, 2012


Susan Scheid

I always enjoy seeing what you are up to here and do hope one day we'll have the chance to meet. Prokofiev was an early love of mine, and I love this phrase of yours, which is to me so apt: "the composer’s waterfalls of notes." Not long ago, I read (as best I could from an amateur's stance), volume 1 of David Nice's biography of Prokofiev. I was amused but not surprised to learn that, early on, in writing his first opera, "towards the end, the piano line flew higher and higher until it disappeared off the keyboard."


Thanks, Susan - and thanks for that nice Nice quote. (Sorry, but how many chances does one get to write "nice Nice"?) I'm a big Prokofiev fan myself - most recently of some of the operas, which have been given intelligent productions at the Met.

PS, the blog has been a little dormant lately; stay tuned for a bit more activity.

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