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September 25, 2012


Susan Scheid

Yup, we are definitely on the same wave length, though I you are far more knowledgeable than I am. I first learned of this production here:, and between that and Duchen, this has sent me scurrying off to listen to Martinů, whose music I've not heard. Why is it this production will not come to NYC, do you think? It sounds magnificent.


Martinů is not performed much in NYC. (Happy to be corrected if that impression is not accurate.) The Philharmonic has done a few pieces in the last few years, and some of his chamber music shows up now and then, but the operas are really off the radar. Maybe City Opera would do this one?

My first encounter with his work was his Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano and Timpani (1938) - a masterpiece that knocked me out - and since then have discovered many other pieces by him. He was quite prolific!

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