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September 28, 2012


Susan Scheid

I continue to learn so much from you. (As a thoroughly amateur lay listener, my own musical knowledge is notable mostly for its alarming gaps.) I have saved a PDF of your review for reference and am now listening to the Fleming. My ear is particularly unschooled when it comes to solo voice. As I have yet to find any Ravel I don't like, and know some of and am growing to love Messiaen's work (well, shoot, for one, he taught Qigang Chen), I was immediately drawn to this. (I'm not as yet familiar with Dutilleux’s work, but have had him on my ever-growing list.) Thank you so much for making me aware of this and for providing so much rich information in your review.


Was just listening to Fleming's CD last night with a friend who hadn't heard it. She has her detractors, but I'm not one of them, and this latest recording shows she continues to be in excellent voice and making intelligent repertoire choices. Glad you liked it, too.

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