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September 05, 2012


Susan Scheid

First of all, what a jazzy new site! (Must be the season for it, as I've made a change-over myself, though not so dramatic as yours.) On to the post, now this is a novel tribute for the Cage Centennial, indeed. I can't imagine he wouldn't approve. The Cage quote at the end is particularly intriguing, but in another way it's the whole collection--what a tremendous variety of books! Now I need to find a huge library and try the same . . .


Thank you so much, Susan. I've wanted to do a bit of work on the blog for some time; the original was looking a bit too "Internet 2004." (And TypePad has come out with some interesting new options.)

Yes, quite a library, isn't it! (The owners chuckled, saying I'd found some things they had forgotten they had.) I especially like the sentence from "Glorious Knits," that sounds like it's in some alien variant of English.

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