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March 13, 2009



I think I mentioned this before to you on GMG, but if you enjoy Boulez's Janacek you should absolutely get this disc:,1,3,7,2&productid=15422
It features a riveting live performance of the Glagolitic Mass from 2000 with the CSO.

Bruce Hodges

Wow, thanks--how did I miss that? The whole set looks fantastic.

Thomas Cabaniss

Hey Bruce -- I enjoyed your review -- terrific!

Bruce Hodges

Thanks, Tom! That second night was really something, eh?

John Winder

Was there actually a written list of the extra brass players distributed? I was curious who many of them were (as well as some of the extras in the other sections of the orchestra the next night).

Bruce Hodges

John, the list of brass players was given (I believe) only to the press. It's printed below. (There was no list of the extra percussion players the following night.)

Christopher Martin, Principal Trumpet, CSO

Mark Ridenour, Assistant Principal Trumpet, CSO

John Hagstrom, Second Trumpet, CSO

Tage Larsen, 4th/Utility Trumpet, CSO

Neal Berntsen, Trumpet, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Thomas Cupples, Trumpet, National Symphony Orchestra

Steven Hendrickson, Principal Trumpet, National Symphony Orchestra

Rick Henly, Lead trumpet on Broadway for over 20 years

Mark Hughes, Principal Trumpet, Houston Symphony Orchestra

Michael Martin, Trumpet, Civic Orchestra of Chicago

Colin Oldberg, Trumpet, Civic Orchestra of Chicago

Jim Ross, Trumpet, The Met Orchestra

John Winder

Thanks, Bruce.

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