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January 30, 2009


Johan Herrenberg

Terrible and amusing. People don't want to be in one place anymore.


Bloggers are accused of griping a lot, but not enough has been written yet about cell phones going off during performances. And this isn't the first instance I've read about in which the offender actually took the call! (Glad to read that the usher confiscated the phone.)

Bruce Hodges

Yes, the cell phone incident was pretty astonishing. Full disclosure: I have come perilously close to having my own phone go off during a concert, but to actually *take a call* seems like something from another dimension.

Ryan Fish

Some people are simply oblivious to others. A pretty enticing story because it's so unusual AND relatable.


Yes, it was an aggressive audience member who yelled about the cell phones, not the boy violinist. And then I think someone else yelled "Shut up" at the first shouter? That incident was a little obscured in my memory by the shock of the drunken interloper in the next piece.

Bruce Hodges

Ah thanks! I suspected my recollection was clouded by the surprise of the incident itself (as you note in "Incident No. 2").


I was performing in the concert, and what annoys me most is that I knew as all of this drama occurred that nobody would talk about the concert anymore, only the few weird things that happened during the first half. Would anyone care to discuss the concert itself and the music performed?

Bruce Hodges

Jared, thanks for posting and first, congrats! I *hope* you got tremendous comments on the concert, which was excellent in spite of the interruptions. I have refrained from commenting here only because I am writing an "official" review and didn't want to spill the beans yet. But not to worry: I'll have much to write on the musical values of the evening, which were considerable.

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