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April 01, 2008


Lisa Hirsch

Wow! I hope that plays in the Bay Area some day.

Bruce Hodges

Lisa, sitting next to me was a 60-ish gentleman who was incensed that it took this long for "one of the greatest works by one of the world's greatest living composers" to reach Carnegie Hall. It would be great to see it staged.

Maybe Tilson Thomas would consider doing a concert version, perhaps on a double bill--with some Handel!

Henry Holland

Hi, found your place via Blognoggle.

If you liked this piece, you should check out his opera "The Intelligence Park", there's a recording on NMC.

I'd love to hear his latest opera, "The Bitter Tears of Petra van Kant" that ENO did last year.

Bruce Hodges

I'd heard some of Barry's chamber works in the past--most recently "In the Asylum," from 2000--but nothing to prepare me for this. And I did notice that NMC recording, which I'll surely get at some point, but the other opera sounds even more intriguing (speaking as a Fassbinder fan).

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