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March 04, 2008


Lisa Hirsch

I'm confused - Stockhausen died in December, not May. Am I insanely misreading something?

Bruce Hodges

Yikes, I must be needing more coffee. You're a gem, Lisa--and far from insane. (Post edited.)

emily xyz

Bruce, did I tell you that Virgil is "directing" (can't think how else to describe it) a version of Stockhausen's Helicopter Quartet w/ the University of Michigan's Digital Music Ensemble next week? The D/M/E is a group of Michigan undergrads. They're doing the piece in surround w/ 4 electric guitars and -- I love this -- toy helicopters! AND generating real-time visuals that affect/are affected by the music, including a camera inside one of the toy helicopters. It's only going to run abt 15 minutes, but it's gonna be a miniature tech-fest! I remember you were the first person who ever told me about this piece, so thank you for that. I wish you could be here to see this -- but Virgil's going to post a video of it, so I'll let you know where.

Bruce Hodges

Emily, this sounds fantastic, and at first glance, a great way to perform the piece without incurring the expense of four full-size helicopters. Sorry I won't be there! But absolutely let me know when the video is up and I'll post the link here.

emily xyz

Yes, there was a bit of a crisis when 2 of the 4 helicopter pilots quit on Tuesday night! Fortunately VM was able to replace them pretty easily. Those little helicopters are not easy to fly. Show is tomorrow night, I think it's going to be very cool!

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