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November 30, 2007


Lisa Hirsch

Thanks for this, because one of my projects for the next year is to get to know some Carter while he's still around. (May he live longer and in good health!)


Bruce - thanks for mentioning this. I had the opportunity to see the U.S. stage premiere at Tanglewood in 2006, and it's definitely worth seeing/hearing. I put some pictures on my site last week:

Bruce Hodges

Lisa and Pete, thanks for your comments. Lisa, for what it's worth, for years I didn't listen to much Carter, despite my love of contemporary music. (And felt rather guilty about it, given his status among many new music performers.) But that Levine/Chicago CD was the one that changed my mind. (The other items on that recording are interesting, too.)

And Pete, thanks for that link. I'll be posting something about the Carter opera in the next few days, since I'm seeing it (gulp) three times. (Just the luck of the draw.)

Joe Barron of Philadelphia

Bruce, a well considered articole and blog post. I'm touched by your acknowledgment, too. For the benefit of your readers, though, I would add one CD that does not appear in your list: The Nonesuch disk containing the cello and harpsichord sonatas and the Double Concerto. It's an essential overview of Mr. Carter's development during a crucial period. Great performances of great music. Happy listening, everyone, and happy birthday, Mr. C.

Bruce Hodges

And thanks much for that additional suggestion, Joe. Truly, it is hard to go wrong with recordings of his work.

Lisa Hirsch

I believe I gave a copy of that Nonesuch recording to a friend in the days when it was an LP!

Joe Barron of Philadelphia

Well, Lisa, the Nonesuch LP was actually two LPs: The cello and harpsichord sonatas were on one, and the Double Concerto was on the other, paired with Zukofsky and Kalish's reading of the Duo, which never made it to CD. It was not popular with Carterphiles, since it was poorly engineered, with the volume on the piano turned way down. It's since been supplanted by several more exciting versions.

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