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March 23, 2007



I went to the Finley/Drake recital as well. I really enjoyed it--Finley has so much personality and really sings the heck out of those Ives songs. His singing in English is really spectacular. I always find myself impressed with the moods he can create (in any language), and I think that he really outdid himself at his recital. And I loved hearing his Dicterliebe! What did you think?


Bruce Hodges

I came for the Ives, but was seduced by the Schumann. This was my first encounter with Finley in recital, and I was happy to discover that he is as impressive live as in the studio. His timbre and phrasing are marvelous, and although the words to the songs were included in the program, I realized very quickly that I didn't need them. And Drake is the kind of forthright yet sensitive pianist every singer dreams about.

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