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October 25, 2012


Lisa Hirsch

I heard him live for the first time in June - staggering player in all respects. I love his crazy recorded repertory, the weirdest I've ever seen. I hope he never decides it's time to play all the Beethoven sonatas in concert.

(Nice site redesign!)

Bruce Hodges

He's one of those artists whom I'll hear do anything. You all got a much more interesting program (at least, on paper) in June, and you're 100% right about his rep - no one else plays 90% of what he does.

And your Beethoven comment made me laugh - couldn't agree more. Glad you like the new design - was overdue for a change.

Susan Scheid

Wonderful review. I'm chagrined to have to write that I've never heard him play. I hope that can be corrected soon.

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